Quaker City presents our 1942 theme...

"King Tut-en-kamen"

3rd Prize Performance | 2nd Place Captain

About This Year's Presentation

From the 1942 publication of "Mummers Magazine"

One of the oldest Mummers and String Bands in point of years, but one of the youngest in spirit and pep, is the Quaker City String Band that has played its way into the hearts of millions of Philadelphians and visitors during the years. The Band that is marching today was reorganized in October, 1930, by Charles V. Reichner, it's grand marshal and a veteran member of the original Quaker City String Band. Its members are justifiably proud of a long record of New Year marching that includes the winning of first prize in 1935 with Fan Costumes and another first in 1940 when they marched in elaborate Prince of India costuming.

Musical Selections

  • N/A

Governing Officers

  • President: Bill Rivel
  • Executive Vice President: Charlie Lord Sr.
  • Captain: Ray Endriss
  • Music Director: John Mayer
  • Drill Director: Charlie Lord Sr.
  • Recording Secretary: John Strine
  • Financial Secretary: John Adgate
  • Treasurer: Ray Endriss
  • Steward: John Hogg

Board of Directors

  • John Kensil
  • Bill Killian
  • George Myers Sr.
  • Bill Power Sr.
  • Jack Rogers
  • William Ryan

Photo Gallery