Quaker City presents our 1944 theme...

"Men Of Sangri-La"

1st Prize Performance | 3rd Place Captain

About This Year's Presentation

Writeup as featured in the 1944 edition of the Official New Year’s Day Program

One of the oldest bands participating in the Mummers' Parade and a consistent contender for top honors in the String Band Division. The theme of the band will be "MEN OF SHANGRI-LA". The band will consist of 70 men, 3 flag bearers, 4 marshals, followed by Captain Raymond C. Endriss, dressed in gold and white. Behind the captain will be Charles Lord, drill master, and John Mayer, musical director, followed by the band of musicians.

Musical Selections

  • N/A

Governing Officers

  • President: Bill Rivel
  • Executive Vice President: Charlie Lord Sr.
  • Captain: Ray Endriss
  • Music Director: John Mayer
  • Drill Master: Charlie Lord Sr.
  • Recording Secretary: John Strine
  • Financial Secretary: John Adgate
  • Treasurer: Ray Endriss
  • Steward: John Hogg

Board of Directors

  • John Kensil
  • Bill Killian
  • George Myers Sr.
  • Bill Power Sr.
  • Jack Rogers
  • William Ryan

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