Quaker City presents our 1945 theme...

"Polar Prince"

1st Prize Performance | 3rd Place Captain

About This Year's Presentation

Writeup as featured in the 1945 edition of the Official New Year’s Day Program

“Polar Prince” represents a good will visit of a Polar Prince and his dignitaries to Washington, paying heir respects to the Great White Father they have heard so much about. The playing band will consist of 48 musicians in eight lines of six abreast, with the musical director, John Mayer. These will be led by Captain Raymond Endriss. Preceding the captain will be three marshals and three flag bearers with Old Glory, the City Flag and our Service Flag with thirty stars, including one gold star for George Payne - who made the supreme sacrifice in serving his country.

Musical Selections

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Governing Officers

  • Captain: Ray Endriss
  • Music Director: John Mayer
  • Treasurer: Ray Endriss

Board of Directors

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