Quaker City presents our 1956 theme...

"White Cloud"

1st Prize Performance

About This Year's Presentation

As written in the 1956 "Mummer's Magazine"

The Quaker City String Band is celebrating its Twenty-fifth Anniversary in 1956, and with this in mind they have put forth their best efforts to present a spectacle that will thrill the public. In 1955 Quaker City was a prize winner with its fabulous "Show Business" theme, and their rooters will be even more delighted with the theme for 1956, which is entitled "White Cloud."

The inspiration for this theme has come from American Indian lore, and we have been promised that we will see the most gorgeous white leather Indian costumes with silver trimmings that have ever been worn by any brave chief. Raymond Endriss will once more captain this band of seventy-two musicians. He will be attired in a most magnificent costume presentation of an Indian god. Through the tireless efforts of the musical director, John Mayer, a stirring tom-tom drill and Indian war dance has been devised. The musical numbers played will carry forth the Indian theme.

Musical Selections

  • Red Wing
  • Indian Love Call
  • Cherokee
  • Minnetonka
  • Pale Moon
  • West of the Great Divide
  • Chief Tomahawk
  • Red Skins

Governing Officers

  • President: John Strine
  • Executive Vice President: Charles Myers Sr.
  • Captain: Ray Endriss
  • Music Director: John Mayer
  • Recording Secretary: Frank Quinn Sr.
  • Financial Secretary: John Adgate
  • Treasurer: Ray Endriss
  • Steward: Joe Kelly Jr.

Board of Directors

  • Bill Davis Sr.
  • John Duffy
  • Joe Farrell
  • Bill Garton Sr.
  • George Guss
  • Jim Hinchey
  • Joe Kelly Sr.
  • Al Kull Sr.
  • Gideon Lynch Sr.
  • George Myers Sr.
  • Bill Power Sr.
  • Clem Rende

Photo Gallery