After watching one of our New Years Day presentations, one of the top questions we’re often asked is…

How Much Time is Involved to Make a String Band Presentation?

The short answer – a lot. But let’s run through the aspects of putting together a presentation and add it all up.

Theme concept and planning

This is arguably the most important part of the theme. It’s the idea of what the show will be about, how it is presented, and what it’s going to look and sound like.
Estimated team hours = 150.

Music writing and rehearsals

Music is written and arranged specifically for each year’s completely new theme. And along with that there are many other songs written for Quaker City to play on New Years Day during the parade. Also, the band rehearses weekly to perfect the music.
Estimated Team Hours = 7,500

Choreography and Drill

A presentation is nothing without movement! Quaker City’s Drill Director takes time to plan out the movements of over 60 people and interaction with props and music over the course of four minutes — it’s no easy task! There’s also special dancers and a Captain that have their own special dance routine as well. Drill rehearsals start mostly in October and continue right up until New Year’s Eve if needed.
Estimated Team Hours = 4,250

Prop Construction

Props are a major component to a successful appearance in the Philadelphia New Years Day Parade. There’s time needed to engineer the props on paper and then time for the team to build, test, and finish for use on the big day.
Estimated Team Hours = 650

Let’s add it up

Theme concept and planning – 150
Music writing and rehearsals – 7,500
Choreography and Drill – 4,250
Prop Construction – 650

So the next time you hear someone wonder how much time goes into a Quaker City String Band presentation…

12,550 hours!