Entertaining audiences with the unique
sights and sounds of Philadelphia
Mummery for nearly 100 years.

Quaker City String Band is a perennial favorite among thousands of spectators on New Years Day at the Philadelphia Mummer’s Parade.

Whether fans are braving the frigid temperatures on the parade route or enjoying our performance from the comfort of their home, the Quaker City String Band has consistently been a “fan favorite.”

The members of Quaker City have used their creativity and innovative style to consistently be a top prize winner in the yearly String Band competition. The challenge of creating a different theme every year with new music, costumes and choreography is one that the Quaker City String Band gladly accepts, striving to out-do themselves annually.

Watch us take our unique form of entertainment to audiences throughout the Philadelphia area and all over the world, as we have been doing decades.

Quaker City has entertained the people of Cuba, Mexico, England, Canada, France, Ireland and Italy. If you are having an event, parade, or concert that may benefit from featuring the unique sound of the Quaker City String Band, you can inquire about hiring us, too.