Quaker City presents our 2012 theme...

"A Toy's Night Out"

2nd Prize Performance | 11th Prize Captain

About This Year's Presentation

Quaker City String Band invites you to come along for a journey as they take you back in time to your childhood days and to the toys that entertained you when you were a kid. With GI Joes, Toy Soldiers, Robots, Dolls, Bears, Cabbage Patch Kids, Space Rangers and more. Come along with your favorite Super Hero as we fly with the Quaker City String Band's 2012 presentation of “A Toys Night Out”!

Musical Selections

  • Overture – Toyland / Star Trek
  • When Johnny Comes Marching Home
  • Teddy Bear Picnic
  • Toys’ R Us Kid (Banjo/Accordion Feature)
  • Western Overture
  • Wedding of the Painted Doll (Cowboy Style)
  • Can You Read My Mind
  • Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind
  • 2001 A Space Odyssey
  • Toyland

Governing Officers

  • President: Harry Brown Jr.
  • Executive Vice President: Michael “Spanky” Brown
  • Administrative Vice President: Matt Farrell
  • Financial Secretary: Ed McBride
  • Recording Secretary: Matt Kelly
  • Treasurer: Ed Cox
  • Steward: Anthony Trombetta
  • Business Agent: Mike LaPergola
  • Captain: Charlie Roetz
  • Music Director & Arranger: Fran Rothwein & Chris Farr
  • Drill Master: Dan Coccia
  • Choreographer: Jaclyn Moscinski Lieb

Board of Directors

  • Harry Brown Sr.
  • Jim Depre
  • Bill DiFlorio
  • Tom Dudzic
  • Ed Morrison
  • Mike Pagano
  • Rodney Regalbuto Sr.
  • Robert Shannon Jr.
  • Jamie Stermel
  • Larry Stinger
  • Carmen Verelli
  • Joe Volkert


  • Music: Matt Cieplinski, Brian Eisenhower, Karl Figueroa, Jim Fox Jr., John Fox, Vince Kaulinis, Joe King, Jim Muller Jr., Rodney Regalbuto Sr., Shawn Rothwein, Chris Schonley, Gary Stackowicz
  • Suit: Michael Brown, Harry Brown Jr., Dan Coccia, Chris Farr, Matt Farrell, John Fox, Jim McGugan IV, Ed Morrison, Frank Rapone, Rodney Regalbuto Sr, Sam Regalbuto, Jim Rivell Jr., Charlie Roetz Sr., Fran Rothwein, Bob Shannon Jr, Anthony Trombetta
  • Presentation: Dan Coccia (DM), Joe, King (Assistant), Jim McGugan IV (Assistant), Jim Rivell Jr. (Assistant), Harry Brown Jr., Michael Brown, Chris Farr, Matt Farrell, John Keane, Ron King, John McDevitt, Mike McGugan, Ryan McKelvie, Jim Muller Jr., Jim Muller Sr., Mike Pagano, Steve Pagano, Frank Rapone, Rodney Regalbuto Sr., Sam Regalbuto, Charlie Roetz, Fran Rothwein, Bob Shannon Jr., Chris Staas, Anthony Trombetta
  • Props / Builders: Anthony Trombetta, Sammy Regalbuto, Armand Badolato, Harry Brown Jr., Shane Brown, Kevin Cassidy, Reese Davis, Alex DeFeo, Jack DePre, Sean Graser, George Lord, Dan McGugan, Jim McGugan III, Jim McGugan IV, Mike McGugan, Pat McGugan, John Melle, Billy Natolie, Kodi Nixon, Mike Pagano, Frank Quinn, Chris Schonely, Jack Shannon, Vince Tonelli, Anthony Trombetta III, Joe Volkert

Photo Gallery