Quaker City presents our 2014 theme...

"California, Here We Mum!"

1st Prize Performance | 3rd Place Captain

About This Year's Presentation

Come along with the Quaker City String Band as they Strike Gold!

It’s time to head west with the First Prize String Band of the 2014 Mummers Parade. Led by our 3rd Prize Captain, Jim Good, we board the Train playing California Here I Come and arrive with maps in hand in search of the GOLD. Captain Good then ignites the mines to reveal we’ve struck gold in those Golden Slippers! Finally chow time is upon us and we are entertained by our banjos dazzlingly picking to a tune of Oh Susanna.

After a day of panhandling in the mighty Shenandoah, everyone grabs their tools to dance into the evening and celebrate our riches. Surprisingly one last golden bolder finds it’s way into town, however not even that can stop Quaker City from Comin’ Around the Mountain.

Interesting Facts

  • This was the first time in costume – ever – for first time captain, James Good. Most String Band captains have had previous experience in the parade before taking this step.

Musical Selections

  • California Here I Come
  • Oh Dem Golden Slippers / Orange Blossom Special
  • Oh Susanna (Banjo Solo)
  • Rocky top
  • Shenandoah
  • She’ll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain
  • Paint Your Wagon / On Our Way

Governing Officers

  • President: Harry Brown, Jr.
  • Executive Vice President: Sam Regalbuto
  • Administrative Vice President: Matt Farrell
  • Financial Secretary: Ed McBride
  • Recording Secretary: Matt Kelly
  • Treasurer: Ed Cox
  • Steward & Prop Master: Anthony Trombetta
  • Business Agent: Mike LaPergola
  • Captain: Jim Good
  • Music Director: Michael “Spanky” Brown
  • Music Arranger: Chris Farr
  • Drill Master: Dan Coccia
  • Choreographer: Jaclyn Moscinski Lieb
  • Costumer: Al Delbuono
  • Costume Designer: Russ Fama
  • CAPTAIN EMERITUS: Bob Shannon Jr.

Board of Directors

  • Joe Bamberski
  • Jim DePre
  • Tom Dudzic
  • Jim McGugan IV
  • Patrick McGugan
  • Ed Morrison
  • Frank Quinn
  • Rodney Regalbuto Sr.
  • Jamie Stermel
  • Carmen Verrilli
  • Joe Volkert

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